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Boats Santa Barbara during sunset modern wall art for sale

Dawn Of The Light

Photo Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Modern Wall Art For Sale - "Dawn Of The Light"- Santa Barbara Art

If you are looking for a more iconic town in California than the City of Santa Barbara, you won't find one. A dream town that has it all: access to the ocean, beaches, a pier, mountains, vineyards, culture, great food, style, riches, lots of Spanish architecture, and the mellow coastal vibes. Santa Barbara is known all over the world and happens to be one of the most desired destinations on the West Coast. Couple of hours of driving distance from Los Angeles and you enter a different world like no other. From wine-tasting bars to art galleries, fine dining seafood restaurants, and Santa Barbara's mission. This town embodies history with character and definitely lives up to its flamboyant out-of-the-ordinary idealistic fancy beach town image.

At the center of its culture, Santa Barbara Museum Of Art offers a wide variety of arts that covers around 5 thousand year span of human creativity and artistic expression. It offers a collection of over 25 thousand artworks. Located in the center of the city, it attracts over 150 thousand visitors annually. There are also many local art galleries featuring works of local artists. The most famous "Santa Barbara Arts And Crafts Show" can be found by the pier on Sundays where local artisans present their creations on the sidewalk. It also attracts many visitors from surrounding areas.

"Dawn Of The Light" - Fine Art Panorama by Jongas

This image was captured at one of the beaches in Santa Barbara during sunset. It's dreamy, soft, and warm in color. Exactly like what it feels like to be in Santa Barbara on a coastal summer evening. It's a perfect escape from the city rush into a soothing beachy paradise. Try it sometime!

"Dawn of the light" - a modern wall art print can be ordered by scrolling down below. Choose printing surface and desired size. Add to cart, check out with free shipping. Please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery.

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Tru Life Acrylic Museum Quality Print - is the highest grade wall art display! (Roma Moulding Frames are available separately). 

This is Wall Decor piece is a blend of top quality art materials and art technology, resulting in a stunning art display on your wall for home or in your office! Tru Life Acrylic finish gives art work an additional sense of luxury and a feeling of being actually present in the scene that was photographed! Acrylic finish is scratch resistant and is UV coated to protect the artwork for many years to come

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Metal Panorama Prints

Metal Panorama Prints are produced with the dye that is applied onto the aluminum surface. It creates prints rich in color and vibrance. The quality of metal prints is only inferior to the acrylic mounted artwork, yet they cost much less to produce.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery. Shipping is free anywhere within the USA. To order choose from desired sizes below. Available options are for 1:3 panorama ratio. 2:3 ratio prints of the same images are also available upon request.

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Meet Jongas

Meet Jongas

Enjoy Museum Quality Prints From A World Class Fine Art Photographer. His masterful work has been enjoyed by people who appreciate art, as well as professional art collectors in their homes and offices more

We offer top quality nature photography as well as fine art photography prints on gallery quality print surface. All art prints for sale come with full satisfaction guarantee and are shipped free anywhere within 50 states. This is the highest quality luxury fine art photography wall decor for your home or office.

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