Frequently Asked Questions - Jongas Fine Art Photography

How Long Does It Take To Receive A Fine Art Photography Print After I Place An Order?

Depending on the type of printing surface that you choose, it may take up to 4-6 weeks to deliver your fine art to your office or home residence. Metal or canvas prints usually take less time, 2-3 weeks. As opposed to our highest quality acrylic mounted prints. These are museum-quality fine art prints, and they require a special process to create, which may take up to 6 weeks total for final delivery.

What Is Required To Hang Fine Art Photography On My Wall?

Our photography prints arrive ready to hang with special hardware attached to the back of the print. All that is required on your part is to either hire a handyman or find a way to install a hook or properly install a nail. Depending on size, some larger wall art prints might be heavy, especially if you order it framed. Therefore, hiring a professional to secure it to a wall might be a good idea, especially for larger size artworks.

What Print Surface Do You Use To Produce Your Fine Art Photography Prints?

Limited Edition photography prints on this website use a museum-grade TruLife - Lumachrome Acrylic mounted printing surface. These are the highest quality acrylic mounted prints on the market. They undergo a specific process using the latest technology and materials to create this modern wall art with the most luxurious look and feel. Artist Proof acrylic mounted prints use higher resolution prints as well as increased anti-glare acrylic-mounted surface for the most realistic representation of the subject or landscape photographed. To learn more about TruLife Acrylic mounted prints click here.

Also, most of the prints are also offered as Metal Prints and some are offered on Canvas printed surface. 

What happens if my wall art arrives damaged?

Despite the fact that all photography prints shipped by Jongas fine art photography are insured, then packed and crated in a very careful way in order to minimize any damage. We know that accidents happen and if they do, you will get a replacement artwork shipped at no cost to you. This doesn't happen very often, due to the nature of the shipment. Transportation companies are usually extra careful with these types of packages and in most cases, this is never an issue.

Does the artwork need special care after it has been mounted on a wall?

When it comes to Trulife acrylic mounted prints, the care is really minimal but special ingredients are required. While Trulife acrylic is scratch resistant, you still want to only use a microfiber cloth with an eye-glass cleaner, or any different solution which is AMMONIA AND ALCOHOL-FREE. Also NEVER use paper towels to clean the surface of Acrylic. 

How many prints are in a limited edition?

Depending on the artwork some editions come in the 50, 100, and 200 pieces. Edition size is decided by the artist based on how unique in order to create maximum value for art owners.

How do I tell the artwork I purchased is authentic?

Each artwork sold at is signed with the artist's signature. is marked with an edition number and also has a numbered tamper-proof security seal. The security seal will match the identical seal on a Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) which will be mailed to you separately from the artwork. Certificate Of Authenticity has all relevant information on it about the artwork- Name of the artwork, release date, edition number, 

Meet The Artist

Hello, I'm Eddie Jongas, travel and photography is my passion. After moving to Los Angeles years ago, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the entire West Coast and have dedicated my current life to capturing its beauty with my camera.

All my work is available as fine art photography prints that are produced from the highest quality materials for the most luxurious look and feel.

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Art Prints For Sale

Top-quality nature photography art, as well as fine art photography prints for sale. All wall art offered on this site is made from the highest quality printing materials such as TruLife Acrylic, Lumachrome acrylic, Dye sublimation metal prints, or canvas pro printing surface. These prints will transform and add to the beauty of your home interior or transform your space as office artwork. For most luxury product experience, our prints are offered with Italian Roma Frame molding.

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