Acrylic Surface Mounted Photography Prints

What Is An Acrylic Mounted Print?

With fine art photography getting more popular in the recent decade, artists started looking for ways to produce their photography prints in the best quality possible. That in turn created a better viewing experience for art owners and also helped expand the lifespan of the artworks. The use of the latest technology and advanced craftsmanship has allowed photography print professionals to produce museum-grade modern wall art that is now easily accessible to general audiences and not only to specialized fine art galleries.

One of such technologies used to make luxury art prints is called Acrylic Mounted Photography Prints. When such a process is used, the image is first printed on high-quality photographic paper and then the paper gets "mounted" to the acrylic panel. That many people often mistake for a sheet of glass. The acrylic used for this process comes with different qualities. Some acrylics used for photography prints offer anti-glare characteristics, almost all are UV resistant, and some are thicker than others. More advanced acrylic panels offer various light enhancement qualities that respond to changing light in the environment and offer a superior vibrancy of colors.

Best Acrylic Photo Prints

Currently, the best acrylic surface on the market is TruLife acrylic. Trulife acrylic is the latest technological miracle in the world of art prints. It is designed to be UV resistant, glare, and abrasion-resistant, and offers better depth, clarity, rich color vibrancy, and enhanced detail. Trulife acrylic prints require no special cleaner, and they are also anti-static in order to prevent a build-up of dust on the artwork. 

Compared to regular acrylics, Trulife acrylic is a truly superior choice. This is the only acrylic we use when producing art prints for sale at Jongas fine art photography. 

Trulife Acrylic Prints for sale"Full Of Clarity" - Fine Art Panorama by Jongas

Trulife Acrylic Large Wall Art

Acrylic prints can easily be turned into large wall art. It can be printed in many different sizes starting with 24 inches wide and up. The biggest size currently offered is 120 inches wide (6 feet), due to limitations on the equipment used to mount these prints. I don't know if larger prints are even necessary as acrylic prints. But if a larger print is needed, we might be able to come up with a work-around in that situation.

Photography prints mounted with Trulife Acrylic truly off an ultimate fine art experience and provide the most luxurious look and feel when displayed on a wall inside the interior. There is currently no comparison if you want to get the best print quality, with maximum detail and color depth. This is why Trulife is a go-to option for many famous landscape photographers and art printers in the market.

How Acrylic Prints Are Made?

The acrylic-mounted photography prints are made by printing a photograph on high-quality printing paper. After that, the photo is mounted (glued) in a special way to the acrylic material to produce a finished product. The acrylic mounted prints can withstand the test of time and stay intact for many years. Acrylic surface is usually scratch resistant and also protects artwork from UV rays in order to preserve the print from fading or any other photochemical reaction caused by the sunlight over time.

acrylic mounted prints how made


Advancements in photo printing technology now offer us many different types of acrylic surfaces. Some of which have less glare, some catch light in a better way to make the artwork "pop" or react to different amounts of light such as when controlling light with a dimmer switch, and others.

At Jongas Fine Art Photography, we focus to produce the highest museum-quality art. For that reason, Jongas fine art is printed using Lumachrome Trulife acrylic process. This process is unique in its creation that uses patented technology to produce the artwork that helps bring out the most amount of clarity, color, as well as the finest details. In order to make museum-grade artwork with the most luxurious look and feel for any type of interior.

Currently, Lumachrome photography prints offered at take about 4-6 weeks to produce and deliver after your order is placed. Our art prints are being shipped in a special crated container, and come ready to hang with some hardware options included, which isn't difficult to secure to the wall of your choice. However, using professional assistance is always recommended. 

To buy a Trulife Acrylic print for your home or office, browse our online photo gallery collections to find the artwork you like most!

blue wave- ocean wave art for sale

"Blue Wave" - Luxury Fine Art Panorama Print 


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