Best Waterfalls To Visit On The West Coast

A List Of The Best Famous Waterfalls To Visit On The West Coast, Jongas Edition. There are many-many more, of course, but here are some of the best ones I had an opportunity to experience:

1. Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

Multnomah Falls are the tallest falls in Oregon state. Located about 25 miles away east of city of Portland. Just take i-84 East and watch the signs. This is a very popular iconic location, attracting thousands from all over the world to come see this waterfall. Best times to see it is really year round. Oregon is a 4 season state, so you can experience the falls during spring when everything around is green or in fall when leaves are turning yellow. In winter time you might see snow around the falls and sometimes water can freeze as well. 



2. Mossbrae Falls, Caiifornia

Mossbrae Falls in California is a must-visit, but you have to be careful. The waterfall is not so easily accessible, because of its location. If you go to it via the railroad, you are technically trespassing on rail-road property. And if you do so, you must be really careful. Some portions of the road are very narrow, you don't want to be caught up there when the train comes passing by. While the train only goes by maybe once every hour, just be aware this is not a simple drive and park by the waterfall kinda thing.

The waterfall itself is really amazing, though. It used to be my favorite place to visit, until I discovered more of the favorite places. Yet it will always be a special place, especially when you get there early in the morning and there is no one there but you. It's definitely one of a kind and reminds of some tropic paradise in the jungle! 

mossbrae falls california

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3. Rainbow Falls, California

Rainbow falls are located in the Eastern Sierra near Mammoth Lakes in Southern California. It is an impressive, easy to get to (20-minute walk) waterfall in the middle of the forest. The reason it got its name is that you can often see the rainbow when standing on the platform above the falls. Hiking down to take a swim in the falls is also possible via the steps on the side of the hill. It's usually accessible in summer time only. During winter time, the road to the rainbow falls and Devil's postpile is closed for skiing season. Definitely worth the trouble of visiting if you are exploring the Eastern Sierra Nevada region. 


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4. Lower Lewis Falls, Washington

Lower Lewis Falls are located deep in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest on the south-western side of Washington state, East of Mount St. Helens. This is a real fun and massive waterfall to go to. The amounts of water being moved are quite impressive and is heard from the parking lot. Getting there is fairly easy, if you don't mind driving down the windy forest roads. Pay a few dollars for parking, and a quick 5-minute walk will get you standing above the roaring waters of this truly majestic waterfall. I hardly miss an opportunity to go there any time of the year. Though in my opinion, it is most impressive in fall, when the leaves are turning. You can see some red and yellow leaves all around it! The only thing you probably have to worry about is rain. It rains quite a bit in Washington, which makes it more difficult to go down to the water if you decide to do so. It's not impossible, but better do it when it's dry!

lower lewis falls in washington


5. Middle Falls McCloud, California

This one is definitely a must-see if you are near the Shasta Trinity Forest in Mid-Northern California. Located on the southern side of Mt. Shasta. There are actually a few waterfalls in that area, Burney Falls, being the most visited. But the Middle falls are just as impressive and are definitely worth the stop. You can drive up to the falls and walk a minute to the observation area where you can see the Middle Falls from above. But if you want to actually see them up close or even take a dip in the ice-cold water, you will have to hike down the path, which takes about 5 or maybe 7 minutes. Middle falls get quite busy in summer, with people swimming and just hanging out by the falls. It's a great place to refresh and feel the real vibe of the Shasta Trinity Forest. 

middle falls mccloud

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6.Palouse Falls, Washington

Palouse Falls in Washington State is something truly otherworldly. They exude an element of danger and make you experience the real power of nature. The best time to go to these falls is in spring if you want to experience real massive water flow, to hear and feel it with your whole body by just standing next to it. The element of danger is that you must walk up to the edge of the canyon in order to see this waterfall. In some areas they have fences built, but some areas are without a fence and I can suggest you might use some caution if you decide to go there. Because the canyon drops a few hundred feet from the top, and you need to be careful watching your steps.Otherwise, this is one of the most amazing waterfalls you can visit! Even though it's located in Eastern Washington, it has a feel of the southwestern canyons to it. Definitely worth the stop! 

palouse falls washington

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7. Havasupai Falls, Arizona

No doubt, one of the most magical waterfalls one can ever visit are the Havasupai Falls in the Arizona state. These are the most paradise looking falls anyone can imagine or experience. The turquoise colored water is not some Photoshop trick, the water is usually that exact color. No wonder thousands want to visit these falls every year. But that isn't done that easily. To get in, you need to have a reservation/permit. The permits can be purchased on February 1st of each year. And they sell out in one day, usually. When purchasing a permit, you must reserve 3 nights at the campground, minimum. And then hike 10 miles from the place where you park, to get to the village and then to the falls. It is definitely worth the experience. Hope you can do it some day. Besides Havasupai falls, there are few other falls down there, all worth seeing (and swimming in)! For reservations to Havasupai falls go here:

havasupai falls arizona

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