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Buying art online can be an overwhelming experience. There are literally thousands of online galleries selling the art of any medium and in any desired style. Online art galleries can be classified into three different types: Auction type of marketplaces, traditional marketplaces like (Amazon, eBay, Qart, Fine Art America, Great Big Canvas, Lumas, etc) and individual artists selling art from their personal websites.

The types of art that can be purchased online vary from individual artist-produced oil on canvas or acrylic on canvas, to mixed media art, modern art, traditional art, contemporary art, abstract art, fine art, landscape photography, and everything else in between. If you are searching for something specific, it is best you search for a specific art type using a search engine. Most likely, you will also get overwhelmed by the number of results presented. If so, try adding more elaborate terms to your search so Google or DuckDuckGo stirs you in a more specific direction. For example, instead of looking for "fine art photography", try using "fine art photography in black and white" "abstract fine art photography" or "fine art photography on canvas".

The more specific your query, the better search engines will be able to help you. Especially if you have a specific artist in mind, try searching the terms like: "Peter Lik alternatives" or "Similar Artworks To Peter Lik". Other helpful terms you can Google include: newest artworks of contemporary style, modern pop art in New York, etc. Searching based on location can help as well. If you live in Los Angeles, try searching for "Modern Art in Los Angeles" or "Photography gallery near me". That way you can still order it online, but you will be buying from a local artist across town or perhaps even from your own neighborhood that you never knew about. In the latter scenario, perhaps it is even better to go down and see the art and meet the artist in person.

art for sale by Jongas

"Fall Color Symphony" - Fall photography art for sale

 A List Of Most Popular Online Galleries Selling Art

1. Fine Art America (Fineartamerica.com)

Fine Art America is one of the largest online art galleries in the world. It features the works of over half a million artists. Their art can be printed on pretty much anything, from any imaginable print surface like a metal print, or canvas print. Clothing, home decor items, like pillowcases and blankets, iPhone cases, and probably on your forehead if you request it! 

While Fine Art America does feature the works of many talented artists. Its name has always been a subject of controversy. Many people don't quite agree with the fact that the website sells the actual fine art per se. Mainly because the term "fine art" implies something of substance and value. So when you print the supposed fine art on a baby bib or a beach towel, one can argue it loses its appeal rather quickly and does not deserve the word "fine" in it! 

Furthermore, imagine if you actually bought a work of the actual fine art at Sotheby's or Christie's auction houses for a decent sum of money. I'm guessing at the least you would be borderline insulted if your fine art wall decor would be compared to a landscape scene printed on an iPhone case.

Semantics aside, there are thousands of talented artists on Fine Art America, who are just seeking exposure in every way they can. If you don't mind spending the time to browse through neatly arranged art categories, you might find the art piece you really enjoy. 

Fine Art America is open for all artists to open an account and submit their artwork freely. 

photo of dancing aspens colorado

"Twisted Times" - Tree Photography Art By Jongas

2. Lumas (www.lumas.com)

For a more classy art-buying experience, you might want to consider Lumas. Lumas is an affordable photographic art marketplace featuring mainly European conceptual, fine art, and landscape photographers. Lumas was founded by two German photography art enthusiasts Stefanie Harig & Marc Alexander Ullrich in New York. Their first gallery opened doors in East Village in 1996 and has grown to an international marketplace for authentic photography art. At the moment Lumas operates 22 galleries in different countries and offers a monthly Art Magazine to their customers. 

Their portfolio features photography works from various genres that ship to over 120 countries all over the world. Lumas vision is to make art more accessible to everyone without having to spend millions at the art auction. Check out Lumas if you are into more traditional pop art, "black and white photography", or mid-century art with a modern spin on it.

3. QART (www.qart.com)

Qart is one of the more popular art websites offering a variety of art from over 300 different artists. Some artworks for sale on Qart.com are available to buy by bidding on them at an online auction and some are offered for sale at a fixed price. You can choose artworks from a variety of categories including, modern art, comic book art, cubism, pop art, ocean art, mixed media art, and others. Some of the artworks are even offered as originals and as a limited edition. Qart is an established name in the art world with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

 A few of Jongas Canvas Prints are featured on QART.com art by Jongas

4. Great Big Canvas (www.greatbigcanvas.com)

5. Saatchi Art (www.saatchiart.com)

6. Artsy (https://www.artsy.net)



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