City photography art by Jongas is a collection of fine art photography prints from urban areas and towns across the United States, as well as some cities of the world. Choose from variety of images displaying finest world class architecture and vibrancy of these incredible cities populated by millions of people from different cultures.



No cities on the planet are alike, and each town or city has something unique to offer when it comes to its street designs and architecture. In this section you will find contemporary photography art for sale from many iconic locations of major cities as well as little towns that culturally represent certain eras or depict architecture specific to some ethnic or cultural region.

City photography is a very special form of photography to me. I love to travel and explore. And while exploring nature has its own special place in my heart, when it comes to exploring cities, it is a totally different experience. Because usually when I explore cities, I do it later in the evening, when certain places are less populated, and I usually end up walking around alone or with very little people in sight. It helps me learn about the city, I can truly enjoy how the streets are lit up by lights and street signs. And also take my time driving the streets looking for scenes to capture without having to fight daytime traffic.

Currently, most of the fine art city photography in this collection is from my favorite cities on the West Coast-San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Santa Barbara, Solvang, Las Vegas and a few others smaller towns along the Pacific Coast. 

I was always fascinated with architecture photography that you sometimes see in black and white from some decades back. They display city scenes with real wide streets and very little buildings. When you look at those same streets today, they are filled with high rises and look totally different. Especially nowadays, as cities constantly change, with older buildings disappearing and new ones being built, besides producing great city fine art. I also hope that my work can add to the vast archives of preserving these pieces of our modern history. And I have already taken some images that can never be taken again, because of how those places were remodeled.

All city fine art photography in this collection is masterfully produced using latest materials and technology, in order to achieve the best quality and most luxurious look and feel of the art. Order by choosing your desired size under each image.



Meet The Artist

Hello, I'm Eddie Jongas, travel and photography is my passion. After moving to Los Angeles years ago, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the entire West Coast and have dedicated my current life to capturing its beauty with my camera.

All my work is available as fine art photography prints that are produced from the highest quality materials for the most luxurious look and feel.

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Top-quality nature photography art, as well as fine art photography prints for sale. All wall art offered on this site is made from the highest quality printing materials such as TruLife Acrylic, Lumachrome acrylic, Dye sublimation metal prints, or canvas pro printing surface. These prints will transform and add to the beauty of your home interior or transform your space as office artwork. For most luxury product experience, our prints are offered with Italian Roma Frame molding.

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