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In the tree photography collection you will find fine art photography of trees, tree hedges, lone trees and all tree related photo art. Trees play a vital part in our lives on earth. They not only help us produce oxygen, so we can breathe, but also provide as with shade from the heat of the sun or shield us from winds, as well as provide building materials as well as help decorate our both natural and man made environments. As photographers, we always look at trees to find unusual formations, rows, tunnels that trees form or try to spot that one loner tree sitting all by itself overlooking the valley. Through my own personal experience, I also have found that trees, especially lone trees, are photogenic from one side only. 

Most of the trees photographed here are on the West Coast of the United States and come in many popular species like Aspen trees, Bristlecone Pine, Oak trees, Cypress trees, Japanese maples (Peter Lik Tree), Pine, palm and many other tree varieties. Tree photography is done all year throughout, however most impressive time of the year to photograph trees is in fall. (Visit my Pacific Northwest Photography section for more fall colors photos as well as more Fine Art Nature And Landscape Photography)

This page contains only 2x3 format images of trees, and we also offer some fine art tree photography on the page with modern wall art panoramas. Panoramas are printed on 1x3 format and are more suitable for less confined areas on the home with larger walls that are not boxed in. Because they stretch more horizontally, as opposed to 2x3 format that looks more like traditional art and most common paintings.

All tree wall art in this collection is a limited edition of 95 pieces. All are printed and handcrafted using the latest technology and printing materials to ensure maximum quality and luxury feel when displayed within your living space. Click on each photo to view ordering options below.

Meet Jongas

Meet Jongas

Enjoy Museum Quality Prints From A World Class Fine Art Photographer. His masterful work has been enjoyed by people who appreciate art, as well as professional art collectors in their homes and offices more

We offer top quality nature photography as well as fine art photography prints on gallery quality print surface. All art prints for sale come with full satisfaction guarantee and are shipped free anywhere within 50 states. This is the highest quality luxury fine art photography wall decor for your home or office.

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